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People run after their passion with a great zeal until they encounter

health issues to realise it was more important besides anything

You get clear perspectives of life when you realise that if you don’t have good health how helpless life becomes. Being dependant is the most regretful feeling. That’s why you must work on maintaining good health to be physically and mentally balanced. In a sound mind, you will be able to tackle any amount of stress aroused due to unexpected problems.

Life isn’t all about success.

Life isn’t about all about success. At times we will never get what we deserve and working hard towards. May be till you are living you have settle for less when compared to others. This is what breaks your self-confidence leading to frustrations and anger in you , resulting to adopt poor health habits. If you have been practising disciplined and hygienic way of living then even in the chaos situation of your life you shall be optimistic. You will have all together a different kind of positivity in you that helps you to stay calm with lots of compassion towards you. When you are internally happy then you handle your life difficulties in a different. Alongside, you shall spread a positive vibe to those around you, which benefits you mentally.

Diet and exercises are the weapon of good health

Diet and exercise should be abided simultaneously. If you exercise vigorously but your diet lack required amount of vitamins, fats, proteins and minerals then you shall suffer due to bad health. Poor diet is like an epidemic now. Whatever we are having are either substitutes of food or fast foods which adversely harm our health in the long run causing us numerous diseases along with stress and hormonal imbalance.
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