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News should be a piece of information that helps to

analyse our society by comparing it with the world politics.

You will never meet a clear thinker with depth and perspective who reads the news these days. People read the selectively chosen piece of news that is been spread only with an agenda only to be accepted by the herd. Being a herd follower never helps in the growth of the individuality. So, read the news everyday only if you want to think like everybody else to succeed don’t bother. But this sounds too negative. That’s we are putting an effort to talk about the news that matters. Ones that has impact on us on the personal level. We aim at providing balance between positive and negative news.

Ignore news. Find clarity.

Daily reading, daily writing, having thousands of conversations with curious people with different backgrounds, studying science and the world around you to get the broader picture only helps to get clear clarity. This clarity can be presented to the people in the form of news. This is what news is supposed to meant. But most of all have become biased and opinionated who, looking at the herd had decided to be opinionated and be defensive, never letting their ego to settle for other’s opinions expressed based on their perceptions. You want to clean up your mind then workout to be very mindful. Never absorb stress that these days been spread in the name of news.

News has become junk!

Now-a-days, news are created by money hoarders who are obsessed to gain popularity so that they can run their business with their social fans or image created. Hence, we get to hear from journalists what they are been paid to write and never the truth. Mental health tip is to ignore 99% junk presented in the name of the news.